What exactly is my worth to my Sir and what do I bring to Sir’s life? Do I make Sir’s life easier?

I had to think about this … it is not a simple answer as it seems.

In material terms, I am not really worth a lot…nor did I bring much to Sir’s life when we met, some personal effects, a little bit of money and I also believe I have brought Sir many headaches and a lot of grey hairs!

In practical terms, I am worth about the same as any other good submissive/wife. Doing dishes, making meals, keeping the house clean, any other household tasks are things that any submissive wife can do. These tasks which I perform every day, make Sir’s life easier, and so bring a sense of order to Sir’s/our house

When Sir and I met for the very first time, there was an instant connection which we both felt, though I did ignore it at first. Yet.. Sir waited me out with time, understanding, kindest and friendship.

Sir has told me more than once that He knew, from that very first time, that I would become His only girl, the one to share His life with and marry. As our relationship has deepened, and it was obvious to me more that the Dom/sub dynamic has made a stronger bond than our husband and wife relationship did.

So what is it, what is the magic ingredient, and what is it that I am worth to Sir?

That I bring love to Sirs life is without question, I only loved this one Man more than anyone ever in my life. I am also secure in the knowledge that Sir loves me with the same intensity.far more than one could ever hope for in their life.

So Love is something I bring to Sir’s life.

I am a totally upfront and honest person, I do not tell lies and I have no hidden secrets from Sir. I am passionate about things I believe in, and am willing to stand up and be counted.

So honesty, empathy and passion are things I bring to Sir’s life

I bring companionship, We are always together when after his long  working day ends, we socialize together when we need be, we eat and sleep together, and I adore just being at his side to look into his eyes as Sir tells me about his day.

We even have fun going shopping together, taking a short drive together or just sitting out on our deck together, it’s the simple things in life, when shared with someone, that add the depth to the relationship.

So companionship is something I bring to Sir’s life.

Sir recently told me that I have given him confidence in some areas of His life, we don’t perceive Doms as needing confidence themselves, so that came as a surprise to me.

Perhaps it is the encouragement I give Sir, urging Sir to try something new, or to face a problem, that Sir would prefer to ignore.

Perhaps it is also the fact that Sir has my unquestioning support in all facets of Sir’s life, whether it is work, pleasure, or Sir’s family.

So, confidence is something I bring to Sir’s life.

I am fiercely protective of my tasks which reinforce in my own mind, my submission. If I am doing something for Sir, I do not wish to be helped. The task, whatever it may be, is MY service to Sir, my task, my submission. It fills me with pride to serve Sir in this way, and I bring my devotion to Sir’s life with my service to Him.

I know that when we play, I am feeding Sir’s Dominance and Sir’s control of me and my life.

I always give Sir the whole me in everything I do for Sir, but in play, the whole me is so much more. I put my life in Sir’s hands, under Sir’s control, and my trust is paramount to Sir’s ability to take me to places I have never been. but only could have imagine in my mind.

So then, I bring confidence and an offering of submission, and the giving of total control to Sir’s life as well

So, in summing up and looking at the facts, what do I bring to Sir’s life?

Practical skills to ease Sir’s burden from coming home after working long hours, and now that any tasks he’s asked of me that day will be done.

Housekeeping skills to make Sir’s day run smoothly know that Sir’s/our house is in order.

And then there are the emotional ingredients: Love, companionship, confidence, devotion, adoration, trust and honesty.

With those comes the feeling of being loved and needed.

Sir has total control over me and my life, Sir has the whole me in Sir’s hands, to do with as Sir wishes. This brings the reassurance of Sir’s Dominance, and of Sir’s need to care for me, to keep me safe and protected.

To try and measure it and actually define my worth is no easy task, but I never ever take my place in Sir’s life lightly, still I know that I am worth enough for Sir to love me need me to stay. I am like a puzzle. If separate there would be a missing piece in my life and Sir’s. So I Believe I bring wholeness to His life- I complete Him..

This is my worth to you Sir

With all my Love and Submission,

Lts. ♥

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