My Sir works hard and never takes time off to just relax. This fourth Sir is not working…. so I’m planning an evening for Sir’s enjoyment

First,  I will be cooking Sir his favorite dinner…only in Sir’s apron of course. 🙂  Sir loves having access to what he owns and I love pleasing Sir.


I will create Sir diner with Sir’s favorite foods.  Filet mignon with wild mushrooms in cream sauce0d3e15fc7dab16c9dc7ec9db04bfcd30

Dessert will be a 4th of july trifle with all Sir’s fav. fruits.  Deluscious!  When I let Sir think of the ways to serve this dessert. 🙂 Need I say more…..4th-of-July-Trifle

The evening will end at poolside with Sirs property and Sir’s favorite drink which is a Mojito and let the fireworks ……..begin!



So…What do you have planned  for your Sir/sub to end the 4th of July with a big bang?

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