Kneeling is a human position in which the weight is distributed on the knees and feet on a surface close to horizontal.

The position of kneeling may be assumed for practical reasons and for reasons of social or religious custom.

To some people kneeling or its meaning is not very important at all. Except to me it has a very important meaning.

The only word I can associate within the definition above is the word Custom

First let me say that I do not have children at home. So I can kneel anytime during the day to refocus myself in my submission and I find that the more I do it the easier the transition becomes.

To me Kneeling is a custom in my submission. Kneeling is a way that helps me clear my head when things start to overwhelm me on day to day basis. When I kneel and close my eyes it’s like I go into a different state of mind where everything disappears and as my mind and body relaxes… it enters into a natural state of calmness. Where I only focus on my inner submissive nature….I feel strength and power to yield.

By kneeling in Sir’s presents I am showing respect and giving Sir his property to use for his enjoyment or to do whatever Sir decides to do with his property. This brings me comfort and gives me back control of myself… it resets the broken path I sometimes walk inside my head. Kneeling at Sir’s feet makes me feel that I’m wanted cared for and protected and it puts my heart and soul at peace again

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