tumblr_mb739vFlLp1ri164ho1_500You have given me promises and hopes and dreams

Upon my knees with your hand on my neck

I look into your eyes and my heart starts to unwind

You circle my wrist and ankles in chains

An each secured tightly to the beds frame

Your voice your touch drive me ahead

That takes me to a place that I have never been

You have filled the void that had no end

You make me do what no man has ever done

And as wonder down this path of submission

I feel that touch that will take me to completion

And with each moment you start to own me

And I will offer my heart without hesitation

And follow your path with true dedication

And hopes of getting your true domination

Tears of joy will stream from eyes

As you slide in between my thighs

Your fingers and mine will start to entwine

As the power you hold over me is so divine

I’m in your command so please take my mind

So please give me your dominance so I can submit

And with that I will give you my Gift


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