Sir take me hard and take me sweet

On my pillow I shall weep

Lay me down so I can’t sleep

Open my soul so my hell unfolds

Where pain and pleasure unlocks my demons

Clean my soul so you have the control

Take me to that place we call home

Take my wrist and bind them in soft leather

Then ease your mind by taking mine

Show me your strength your love and your care

Use your dominance to strip me bare

To set me free so I only feel

Take from me what you so desire

So pull my hair and tighten my chains

Let me feel the crop as it hisses

And I’ll moan from its kisses

Whip my ass until it turns red

Give me your stripes that I’ll be honored to wear.

For it makes the pleasure so much stronger

And thank you Sir for such an honor

I feel owned and I’m finally home

written by Lts

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