My submission was from Sir’s Kiss

My body aches for the next kiss

Sir’s touch

Sir’s pain

Sir’s love

Sir’s command

My body sways to the music

My mind is answering Sir

Whispering softly to me

I walk slowly as Sir calls to me

Sir takes my wrists gentle

Places soft leather cuffs upon me

Sir blindfolds me

My mind is racing

As I hear the chains lowering

The noise surrounds me

Sir attaches me slowly

My body starts shacking

My body aches for the kiss

Totally unaware the first kiss hits me

Soft moans escape my lips

It shocks me

The second kiss hits me

My body starts to respond

My body begs for more

The sound makes my heart beat

I close my eyes wanting to be strong

The third kiss hits

My mind is  pleading

My soul and heart are soaring

My body aches for the next kiss

Each paddle

Each flog

Each whip

With anticipation of the next

My body dripping with wetness and sweat

Sir’s kiss of his tools

I found myself

As the pain controls me

I am swept away

I have given up my control

To Sir’s kiss

Is my submission

Written by Lts

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