This morning I felt so guilty that I had broken a rule that is so important to Sir. I let my fingers run away on the keyboard last night without thinking what I was typing. I’m thankful that the owner of the blog was sweet enough to delete the comment when I asked. What made my quilt worse was that Sir woke before I did and cooked breakfast to serve me in bed…he even laid a pink rose from our garden on the tray. Sir set the tray down…leaned over kissed me and said how much he loved me and how good I’ve have been with following Sirs rules. My heart broke and breakfast wasn’t  going to sit very well if I didn’t tell Sir what I did last night. So I put the tray aside got out of bed and got down on my knees and explained what I had done last night and how sorry I was and that whatever punishment Sir believes I should receive I would except with grace. Sir calmly listened and replied that I should go take a shower and not to get dress and to meet Sir in the bedroom when I was done. I showered quickly so Sir did not have to wait long for me..when I entered our bedroom Sir was sitting on the end of the bed with his leather belt laying beside Sir. I looked at Sir’s face and what I saw broke my heart that I had let him down. Sir told me to kneel at his feet and to keep my eyes on him as he spoke so calmly.. telling me how important it is too Sir and Sirs job that I refrain from blogging about it. I apologized to Sir again and said it would not happen again Sir replied that after today Sir believes that the lesson will be learnt Sir helped me up and told me to bend over the bed and assume the position and to count them out with a thank you. We’ll lets say by the time Sir reached 20 and I started losing the mental capacity to think clearly…I believe it was a total of thirty and than Sir used me for his satisfaction only. In the end I felt so much better,loved ,cared for and very sore. But Sir took care of me as always and lesson will not be forgotten.

Thank you Sir,



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