I’m lying naked in my bed

With many bad dark feelings

Going through my head

Cold stone walls are opening inside of me

Deep in my mind were I can’t see

The place where doors open without a key

Then close in on me

It’s very dark and deep

Where there are shackles and chains

That won’t release me

I call this place my dungeon of sorrow and pain

It’s a dungeon that has no pity on me

It has no leather or lace

It has a mental whip that slashes very deep

That it takes me to my knees

Its lashes are harsh and deep

That I can’t breathe

Its scars are open wounds

That run deep but do not bleed

Onward deeper I sink

With ghosts of the past

That never sleep and will always haunt me

Where Evil and torture runs free

and will always await me

I try to close my eyes and just breathe

But this dungeon is wrapped itself around me

 With voices calling for me

I scream desperately for them to release me

Someone please listen to me

This is a place that has no peace

I feel my tears fall all around me

I scream but no one can hear me

It’s so dark and deep

That I can’t find away to get free

The pain and hurt tortures me

The ghosts that haunt want my soul to bleed

With horrors that sleep within me

Please Sir come and fined me

Please reach inside me to set me free

Caress and hold me and make love to me

Sir you’re the light that will shine bright in me

That will lock those doors within me

Sir be my keeper so I can sleep

Lay beside me so I feel no pain

Please have your way with me

And take what we both need

Use your dominance to touch me

So I will be able to rest and finally be set free

So I’ll only have love and peace inside of me.

Sir please come find me

Written By Lts.

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