Ok.. A challenge… He takes his clothes off and gets in shower… You get his belt and fold it and put it in your mouth crawl to the shower kneel wait for him to get out and ask him to please use it on you… Let me know how it works… Good Luck! Lk❤

My Answer: Lk  ( I had to stop to get Sir up and ready for work so I cut  some of it out also going to rush when writing this have more to do with Sir.) (Sir’s injured)

I ask him to use it by telling him the stress is too much and I need him to take control of me. Sir puts the belt back in my mouth tells me to rise. Then Sir wraps his hand on the back of my neck and walks me to our bedroom to our open double door frame. Sir tells me too kneel and do not move…Sir leaves me to go get the chain to attach it to the hook in door frame and then hooks my cuffs together. Then grabs my hair to raise me up of the floor Sir grabs my cuffs and raises my arms to hook them to chain. Sir then attaches the spreader bar to my ankle cuffs. Sir then takes the belt I’ve been holding with my teeth. Sir asks my how many do I think need…I reply with whatever Sir thinks I need with a thank you. Sir kisses my forehead then steps behind me and starts warming my ass up with Sirs hands first as his lips and teeth sink into the sweet spot at the side of my neck. My mind starts to float and I’m softly moaning as I drift. I try to focus on controlling my breathing as Sir starts whispering dirty words in my ear as hands roam my body. Making my body heat up quickly with ever touch of Sir’s dominate fingers pulling on my nipple rings twisting and pulling on each one. My mind is floating into bliss Sir moves back and Sirs hand strikes the right side of my ass and I moan loudly the second strike lands on my left side. My knees start to wobble a bit I feel my sweet juices start to slide down the inside of my thighs and I can smell my own arousal. I hear the Sir grab the belt from around Sirs neck…Sir than ask me to thank him after each strike.  The first strike lands on my ass and my body starts to shake and my knees want to crumble I remember to thank Sir…just as the second strike lands. I feel that I’m soaking wet and dripping on the towel Sir has placed under me.( I’m going cut out some details I need to get Sir up for work) I thank Sir again Sir ask me what color I reply with Green. By the 20th strike laying into my ass with Sirs belt I’m in sub space and losing all thought on thanking Sir and my body is shaking, and I’m soaked with sweat. Sir strikes my thighs with the next 10 strikes as I try to focus as Sir keeps circling me and asking me what color and I reply with mumble out yellow because I’m panting and trying to gain my focusing and concentrating is becoming hard to do. Sir stops and starts playing with my clit ring as Sir grabs my hair to pull my head back and starts kissing me deeply I feel Sir wanting total access of my mouth. Sir starts biting my bottom lip as Sirs fingers enter me. I’m losing control of coming in Sirs hand. Sir tells me to hold off but it’s hard to deny. Sir steps back behind me and Starts again striking my ass with the belt again I’m lost with saying thank you or knowing how many more landed before I came apart and screamed Sirs name over and over. Sir unhooks me from the chain and bar and carries me to our bed and gentle places me on my knees and elbows with my head down on the bed. Sir enters my with one powerful stroke he reaches for my hair and pulls my head back and drives in again I’m moaning and good tears are leaking from my eyes because I’m home where I belong. Sir whimpering to let go as he’s pounding into me and I hear Sir breathing heavy and his breath on my skin as Sir tells me to come now and I do with loud screams of thank you Sir. We lay there with Sir wrapped over me for awhile before Sir gets up to clean up and comes back to clean me up. Sir than rubs me done with lotion and cream for my ass and thighs. Sir lifts me gentle and places me under the sheets and tells me to drink as Sir holds the bottle water to me lips. Sir enters the bed after I finish drinking and pulls me close in his arms and whispers how good I handled the strap and strokes my head gentle as I drift in and out of subspace not knowing what Sir is saying half the time and having a hard time answering him as I drift off until morning arrives.When I wake I feel like myself again and loved and wanted again. All is right in the world.

I asked Sir tonight how many I receives with the strap because this happened Friday when Sir had off work it was a total 50   🙂       🙂 Sir said he eased up on the last 5 because I wasn’t responding clearly enough to Sir’s satisfaction when answering Sir’s questions.

Thank you Sir


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