My Sir does this when he wants me to beg him for release.

Have you ever been blindfold and been bound to a chair where wrist cuffs are attached to a rope and yours cuffs are pulled down to your sides and tied off under the chair. Your ankle cuffs are tied off to each leg of the chair so you are spread wide open for your Sirs enjoyment. Your Sir has also placed a vibrating egg up inside you that he can control with a remote at any time. Your Sir then slips headphones on your ears as soft music plays thru them. Now you are left trying to anticipate what is going to happen next or when it’s going to happen because all your sense have been taken away.You are left like this for a time and your mind is in subzone and you’re waiting…..then the egg starts vibrating slowly inside you. You feel Sirs lips touch yours but when you want to deepen the kiss your Sir backs away. Your Sir does this throughout to tease you each and every time and as your Sir moves around your body with light caresses and moves the headphone to breathe in your ear or whispers dirty words to you. Then everything stops and your Sir is gone. Trust me you will be losing your mind. You wait and then suddenly the egg starts vibrating on a higher speed and you feel your Sir pull your hair to lick and bite at your neck than your Sir starts licking down your body till he reaches your breast and starts biting and sucking on your nipples Your body wants to be taken so desperately and sounds that you can’t even imagine are coming from you. Your Sir continues this torment over and over until he decides to stop and all you can do is sit there and take it. I will leave you now with your imagination on where it went from here….but I will tell you this….it’s the best torture you could ever ask for!    Happy D/s everyone 🙂    Lts♥

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