This is my point of view only

I am a submissive and I’m new in this D/s-M world it’s and it’s wonderful, exciting, there are times when it easy and everything works. But there times when it doesn’t go as you want it to…D/s takes a lot of serious work on both sides of the relationship. Both people in the relationship have to want it and work at it and it takes time and it isn’t something you can force your partner into….it won’t work. It’s not about great sex or I would love my Sir to control me but… only when I feel like it. In the last three years I’ve read hundreds of erotic D/s novels and as many on what a submissive role and responsibilities are to a D/s relationship. What I read made believe and want D/s exactly the same way as I had read about it…..wake up time it doesn’t work that way. What we read is fantasy only! Our personalities dictate who and what we are as individuals and will always remain that way in our D/s relationships. Being submissive and in a D/s relationship is very important to me and I take my submission serious it is a yearning with deep emotional feelings inside of me that wants to serve and devote myself to pleasuring my Sir at all times. I accept the bad days as well as the good days I accept the punishments as well as the rewards. I practice my submission every morning not because I have to…it’s what I want to do. Kneeling down to me is natural; it puts me in a sub mind set instantly so I use it to help me a lot. I keel down when I’m alone and close my eyes and think about the days that were bad for us. What I could have done differently or if it was Sir that was having a bad day and was there something I could have done to change that. I don’t always find a correct answer but I will try to work it out. I feel that by doing this I see the whole picture of what happened clearer in my head. I give myself a re-set time out when stress is starting to over whelm me…so that when Sir comes through that door me attention is on Sir and what I can do for him.  I’ve learned to have more patience with myself and our D/s relationship. I’ve learned that when we sit down to discuss our D/s I really listen to hear the meaning behind Sirs words not just the words alone. I’ve learned to see Sirs point of view in matters of why Sir decided to do certain things his way without wanting to blast off with my mouth about how I want it to be. But sometimes it happens that I react before I think. Do not get my wrong here Sir Listens to everything I have to say seriously and Sir respects what I have to say always. But I also have chosen to give Sir the power to take the leadership role when we entered into D/s. So I have learned respect and honor that choice Sir makes for us even if I do not agree sometimes. I’m learning small things everyday that will make our D/s-M relationship stronger from the submissive side of the relationship. Sir has grown tremendously in his role as the dominant. As long as we remember to respect, communicate openly and with honest, trust and patience with each other our D/s-M relationship it will only build stronger.

written by Lts♥

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