It’ was a beautiful night sitting out on our deck

As the moon is reflecting light across our bare naked skin

As I lay across Sirs body I start to feel wet

As his hand grabs hold of the front of my neck

Sir than leans down to dominate my lips

Sir whispers to open so he can have what is his

Sir lips start to roam until they reach my breasts

Sir sucks and bites on my nipples and rings

I’m whimpering and I’m ready to beg

Sir attaches the nipple chain to each peak

And the pain and the pleasure start to mingle together

Sir pulls on the chain until I whimper with need

Than slides his hand down to spread opens my knees

My juices start flowing into Sirs hand

Sir pulls and teases my clit ring until I start to shiver and beg

I moan and start to unfold in his dominate care

 Sir whispers not to come or I’ll be punished when he’s done

Sir releases my neck and grips me by my hair

Sir whispers to get up and kneel in front of his chair

My body feels shaky and weak from the pleasure Sir feeds me

Sir tells me to lay my hands up on his thighs

And do not move them until his command

Sir tells me to open mouth as wide as I can

Sir is going to use me to give pleasure to him

Sir takes the control by pulling my hair

I feel Sirs penis enter to the back of my throat

The taste of Sirs salty nectar is and driving me on

I feel Sir Penis pulse along the back of my tongue

I suck hard and deep but Sir is controlling what’s done

On what Sir wants me to have without spilling his seed

I hear Sir breathing deeply as he releases me

Sir tells me to stop and to bend over the chair

As Sir stands behind me he pulls back my head

As he pulls on my hair and slaps my ass red

Sir enters me hard and rides me with power

That is sending my mind somewhere in the clouds

Sir hitting the spots that drive me insane

As Sir panting Sirs calling out my name

Sir tells me to let go as he start to fly over the edge

I yell out his name as we cum together as one

Now our journey must end.

Written By Lts♥

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