When I look into your eyes

I am never afraid at what I might find

I see nothing but love and trust within them

I know I will always be safe inside your arms

Where I feel your heat and flames that you hold for me inside

You will always stand tall with such a grace within my eyes

That makes my heart want to climb inside your chest

I see your strength and dominance radiate from within

Its like a compass that steers me directly to you

You are the Captain of my ship

Steering me firm, but gentle hand

Correcting me if or when I go off course

Rewarding me when my course stays true at to your command

You cherish me as the vessel of your soul

You proved me with a safe port so I can safely rest my head

Always with understand that my soul needs to heal from some courses it had to take

You are always worthy of my trust and the secrets that I hold

You embrace me tight within your strong and loving heart

Even when I can not see through my own raging storm

Even when my tears open up like sea

You will always hold my heart within your loving care

For you are the only Captain that will ever guide this ship of mine

Written by Lts♥

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