Sir you have my consent

So I kneel before you and wait for your command

You have my submission in the palm of your hand

You control my heart on an invisible chain

Waiting for your pleasure and pain

As I get lost looking into your eyes

With hope your domination will chain me each and every time

Take me over your knee and spank me as hard you please

Then use me with all the power that you command in me

I trust you with my heart, soul, body, and mind

To take care of them and do no lasting harm

Sir my body is yours to own and to serve your every need

So use me now by taking what you please

And listen to your sweet music every time you make me scream

Please take me to my private inner place

In which you call my subspace

Please use your crop and make my cheeks shiver and burn

Then listen to my moans as I beg you for more

Give my nipples a tweak than set the clamps to intense the pain

Than cuff me and tie me down so you may feed off me for your own pleasure

And with this I promise you

That you will always have my surrender

 Written by Lts♥

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