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Sir as I kneel naked besides our bed

My eyes are closed just as you command

I hear the sound of leather gliding thru the loops

It’s so intoxicating to me

It stirs strong emotions inside of me

Sir please lay me flat across the end of our bed

And attach the spreader bar to spread my legs

Sir cuff my hands behind my head

The vulnerability is so arousing to me

That I needed your dominant control over me

Sir as your dominant hand holds my back down

My body starts trembling just from your touch

As your hand caresses slowly down my ass cheeks

I start to whimper with over whelming need

And as you enter your fingers into me

It sends my mind to that special place within me

Sir please use your belt on me now

To show me that I will always be yours to command

So strike me hard with all your desire

So you may fed that dominance and power

So strike my hard so I may cry

So my body will shiver with every welt that you apply

I will wear your marks with such great pride

As you own my submission with Honor and Trust

So please take what’s yours with your dominant cock

So we will cum together and complete this journey as ONE.

Written by Lts♥

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