Sir you are my White Knight in shining armor

You are the dominant one That I need

That holds the only key to my Keep

The gentleman of my realm

The protector of my soul

 In which you will always hold

The mighty leader of my heart

That beats only for you to control

The conquer who can take me

Apart piece by piece

By only welding the power

That you hold within your eyes

So take me too

Your dungeon below

Bend this body that you own

Make it yield to your dominant control

So it will kneel at your feet

Till you command it to do more

Take me to that realm

That we only know and see

Where pain and pleasure

Conquer the enemies within me

So chain me to your

Massive stone cold walls

Spread me wide

So you can take what you own

And make pleasure and pain

Into screams of passion

 That will please you

Whip this submissive gift

 That I give to you

Until the marks you leave on me

Pleases you

Until my body sweats

And shivers with great need

And beg for mercy for you to use me

And when you have conquered

 And used all that you see

And I have filled your every need

I will kneel at your feet

With all the grace

That is left within me

And thank you for the pleasure you have given me

Written by Lts♥

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