When I wake

The sun maybe shining

Warm and Bright

But my body feels cold inside

Sir side is empty again

As I lay in our bed

I reminisce about the things that I miss

The warmth of your body

When you hold me tight

The strength of your hands

When you stroke down my side

The feel of your lips

When you kiss me sweet but as you demand

The feel of your beard

As I stroke your face with the palm of my hand

The morning eyes

When you blink your eyes open for the very first time

The sound of your heart

When I lay my head upon your chest

The sound of your voice

When you say “good morning” softly with your first breath

The feel of your fingers

When you stroke me deep inside

The dominant look in your eyes

When you start to take what’s yours to desire

They way you move

When you power over me

 I wish to have this all back when I wake

So please Sir

Try and get back to your normal work days.

 ♥♥ With all my love Sir ♥♥


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