To My Sir,

On June 18, 1980 you walked into to my life even though I didn’t want you too. To this day I thank god that you never walked away from me. So I want you to know that you will always have my Gift with everything that I am. You will own my heart, my soul, my body, my mind and all the love that I have in me until the end of time.

♥♥♥with all my love and submission♥♥♥


The post below has been reposted because it will be our 36th Wedding anniversary this June 18th. Sir rented a secluded cabin on a lake for the weekend for us where this night happened Before this night Sir and I lived together for 24 months and during those 24 months Sir never approached me in any other manner than being a gentleman and the best friend that I needed during a period in my life. That was devastating and too terribly to mention here. Sir always carried himself with the manners of a gentleman and still does. This post is about the first time we had sex and showed our true feelings for each other .

All words that you are about read are my words and did happen for real…. except the last three paragraphs…..which are still true.

In the darkness walking naked through the trees

We step into the moonlight  when I drop down to my knees

I whisper that I love you and melt into your thigh

You call out my name but I can’t hear because I cry

My tears slide down my cheek as I look up in your eyes

I tell you that I love you and need you by my side

And I will always love you and trust you with my heart

You lay me down and lie beside me and open up your heart

You whisper that you love me and will protect me from the dark

You kiss me deeply until I surrender and start to fall apart

You touch me softly as you whisper the words I want to hear

That you love me and will always chase away my fear

My heart is yearning for you to take me and keep me in your care

You rise above me and take me with a power that I need not fear

You stroke me hard and stroke me deep and kiss away the tears that lay upon my cheek

And when I rise from our lovemaking with tears still in my eyes

I will kneel down right beside your feet and call the only man who I will ever love

My Sir…. until the day I die.

♥I will always remember and never forget♥



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