Last night I had to be dreaming

That I was lying sweetly between your dominant thighs

I started kissing your cock with all my submissive desires

I could feel your cock pulsing against my sweet lips

So I open wide to take you inside

Tracing my tongue and swirling it around

You start to rise as I keep sucking you down

When you grab my hair and drag me up your chest

And whisper that you control what I do next

You than kiss me deeply as you force my head down

I start to moan as you take what you own

As you start to nibble your way down the side my neck

As you whisper that you will always have control over what’s next

And that I will give you pleasure when you only decide

You flip me over with your dominant arms

And tell me to lie still as you spread out what you own

As you grab for the crop by the side of your bed

As you tell me you are going to strike my inner thighs red

You strike the first blow and the pain makes me moan

My mind is trying to process but it seems to be slow

As the second strike hits my breathing gets harder

But the pain is sending signals of pleasure straight to my center

I beg and I whimper for you to take me as you please

So you drop the crop and enter with me with a growl of need

You Power each thrust with your dominant cock

And you roar when you release your load with one last thrust

And we float back down together and then fall back to sleep

Written by Lts♥

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