As I sit here listening to tunes and all theses amazing and memorable times we had together ran though my head.

  1. The Greatest time was the day you walked into my life. For reasons I cannot write because they are private.
  2. The first time we went away for two days at the cabin on the lake ( Our first night) It’s a night I will never forget
  3. The time we went away for the weekend and stopped at a state park for the night and got caught having sex by a park ranger. (What are the odds of that happening again?)
  4. The day we got married. I asked for it to be just us and two close friends to be there because at time in my life I didn’t want or need anyone else to be there and you supported my wishes.
  5. The first time you worked three months of overtime to save money to take me out that evening to the most expensive restaurant around to celebrate our sixth month of marriage and then we went out dancing and knowing that you hated to dance in public. I felt so special and cared for that night.
  6. The first time we went to Las Vegas and went back to our room to make love and were against the glass window naked not realizing we had an audience watching us. And when I told you we were being watched, the look on you face was a Kodak moment and I never laughed so hard and long in my life as you kept talking to yourself.
  7. The night we went out for ice cream and just drove around talking and ended up parking at the beach.You backed in so we could sit on the trunk end of the car to star gaze, it was about 11 pm and there wasn’t anyone around at that time of the evening. We started kissing and before we knew it we were having sex in public. It made it more thrilling and hotter.
  8. The Best Day. The day our son was born, the first time you held him in your arms and the look in your eyes made me cry. The love that you had for him lit up your face at that moment I knew our son was going to have the best father that he could ever have in his life.
  9. The first time we took our son camping, he was six years old and you were trying to teach him how to cast his first fishing rod. As I sat there and watch you bonding with him and the pride that I felt was overwhelming me. Knowing my son would always grow up in loving and caring arms.
  10. The first time we took our son who was nine years old at that time to Disney World. There wasn’t anything or any ride you would take him on even though you feared heights and rides that where in complete darkness. Even though you looked white as a ghost when you came out or off each ride and you wouldn’t let it stop you to have that bonding time with him.           There are many more memories but this are the ones that are that are special to me for many reasons.                             Lts♥

One Comment on “Some of the most memorable times in my life

  1. Lt thank you for bringing back some beautiful memories that we shared together. Specifically the four mos important ones. I do hope you are sleeping and good job completing your task.


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