Your fingers gently stroking my cheek

I sigh…this is so intimate and sweet

You whisper that’s its time

To bend over the bed

Thunder roars in my head

No…It’s the strap that strikes

With a large roar filters through my head

Its punishment

And this I am sure

My ass will have the marks

That will teach my once more

I will pay for what I have done

With no sweet stimulation from Sir hand

Just pain in its purest form

It’s a lesson we all have to learn

To lift my burden I we will endure

So gritting my teeth

I will take it as quietly as I can

And will not scream or as for leniency

The bite of Sirs strap awakens every nerve in me

As I tremor and count out each one quitely

As Sirs strap strikes my ass

Pain radiates from within

Making me want toi move from position

But Sir holds me firm

The next shrike lands

And the guilt I hold starts washing away

The next strike lands

And I withstand the pain and heat

That’s blazing like fire across my ass cheeks

Cleansing my soul by the count of ten

As Sir releases his hold

And lifts me into his arms to hold

And whispers that the issue is closed

 And lays me down across the bed

 To tend to me with Sirs loving care

On the welts that I now proudly wear

I now feel complete

As Sir kisses me sweet

And tells me that I took my punishment

 With submissive dignity

Written by Lts ♥

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