He’s my husband who I will always need

He’s a father that our son can depend on for whenever he needs

He’s the man that can fill all my dreams

He’s every breath that I breathe

He’s every beat that my heart needs

He’s my guardian that watches over me

He’s my lover when I ask him to be sweet

He’s my mentor so I follow he’s lead

He’s my savor by keeping my soul clean and free

He’s my light when it’s too dark for me to see

He’s my nurse when I’m Feeling ill and makes me rest until I am well

He’s my strength when I’m feeling weak

He’s my torturer when he needs to tease or give me pleasure or pain

He’s a teacher when there’s a lesson to be learned

He’s the provider for the all necessities that we need

He is all of these that I have stated above

But most of all his my dominant

The one man that I will always cherish and love

Written by Lts♥

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