Some days just don’t go the way you had planned. This morning started off on a good note, I got all the everyday house cleaning done. But than I decided to store away some boxes in the attic…things that we packed away that we no longer use. We’ll I wasn’t think about the hardwood floor we just had re-waxed and when you are in just your socks, you end up on your backside. That’s just what happened with a large box in both hands I slipped and ended up on my backside. I think I sprained my lower back trying to break my fall so I wouldn’t smash the back of my head on the hardwood floor.  As I got up I knew it wasn’t going to be a good outcome…it hurt the minute I moved the wrong way and I could feel it starting to stiffen up. I went and got some ice, heating pad, Motrin and a bottle of water and headed for the living room. I laid down not caring about what might have gotten destroyed in the box  that flew over my head when i slipped, I left it where it landed. I took three Motrin laid down with ice pack on my back and must have fallen asleep. Now my son decides to drop by without calling first, which he always does…..not today…he lets himself in through the garage area and i didn’t hear him enter. He wakes me up by calling for me…great! I have no time to remove my wrist cuffs that I wear all the time now. My son just stares at my wrist and I’m waiting for him to ask that question that I see in his eyes….but he evades and asks me what happened to me instead. My son knows that we don’t  explain our personal life to anyone but if he asked me I would, even though I know he isn’t as opened minded about certain things as D/s. Which is strange because he is a very dominant male within his own family. I tell my son what happened and he’s mad that I didn’t wait until his father came home to do the storing away. My son goes to clean up the mess and stores the boxes up in the attic for me. I try to get up to go make lunch for us, but it wasn’t going to happen…my back was not cooperating at all. My son made us lunch we talked and than he went out back to his RV to clean it since they just used it to go camping last week. My son left at four o’clock and never mentioned anything about my wrist cuffs I’m not to sure if he will ask his father about them…he may and that won’t be good. I felt like crap all day and Sir came home at six that evening tired from working sixteen straight hours and was in a grumpy mood. Terrific! Now Sir asks what happened to me and i go into the story about falling and Sir is mad as hell and doesn’t let me finish telling him why I did it. Which now I’m not feeling well and I let my mouth run without thinking but caught it before I said something I would regret later on. Sir said we would continue the conversation once Sir got some sleep. Sir asked if there was something he could to help me but I told him no because I knew Sir needed sleep. Great! Now I feel worse and I didn’t get to tell Sir about our son and the cuffs yet. I decide to go down stairs to continue to write part 2 of Saturday’s story but I wasn’t into it. So i just sat and tried to figure out what the hell happened…I text Lk to see how she was feeling, since shes been feeling ill I wanted to make sure she was ok. We text back and forth a bit and explained part of what happened and that I would fix it when I woke Sir up at 2 am for work. The night dragged by I was still hurting and feeling like crap. At 2 am I went up and got down on me knees which was painful as hell to wake Sir and to apologize for my behavior.  Also to finish explaining that I did what did to help him out since he’s been working his butt off and that it made me mad when he didn’t let me finish explaining to him. Sir said he apologizes for shutting me down but he was mad because I could have been seriously hurt and no one would have been here to help me. And that he would have felt guilty even though he didn’t tell me to do what I did, but it does not make what I did with my mouth acceptable. And that there will be punishment involved but it would wait till I was feeling better. In which I agreed  but sometimes its frustrating that he doesn’t see things as I do. I also told him about our son coming for a visit with out notice and that I was wearing my cuffs and he noticed them but didn’t ask about them…so I didn’t explain. The look he had on his face was another Kodak moment for sure…Sir final said he would deal with it if our son called him. Sir kissed me and helped me to get up gentle and tucked me in bed and told me not to do anything today at all. Sir called my at 8 am and asked how I was feeling and I reply ….that my back was still messed up and I wasn’t moving to well and I only slept for 2 hours since last night. That I called my doctor but she won’t be back from vacation until Monday and Sir knows I won’t see a man doctor. So we will wait for our appointment on Monday. So I have a feeling this whole weekend is going to hell along with me.


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