I lay here dreaming as you dominate me

bound by the your leather that I wear

And I will drown by the pain that you will give to me

Silent I will not give in

To the sweet punishment you will deliver

To serve and love you is my will

I will throw myself into your dominant hands

With every breath, every fear and every tear

To serve you and love you is a compulsion within

Sweet punishment I will embrace for you

And your stripes of punishment I will gladly bare

And all my love I will still give to you

So take from me what ever you will

As I feel your fingers hot on my skin

There is no pain that will destroy my will

Even as I draw closer I will not give in

I am floating through time and space it feels

I must not be given in, give away my heart and soul

Do I throw myself in

Swallowed whole by the dream within

And my darkest desires that consume within me

As hands caress my beaten flesh

Will I drown in my own pain

As Sir whispers in my ear to let him in

I give in

and release my life in his dominant hands

And I’m free to finally just be me

Is this a dream or is it really inside of me

♥ Written by Lts ♥

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