Submissive is what I am

It’s too deep inside me to ever let it go

It’s forged from my heart and from my soul

In which I give to you openly to own

To do with as you desire or command until the day they go still and turn cold

In your hand

I will bow and go down on my knees without shame

And I will give you that honor for being my dominant Sir and husband

That I will always need and to control me

And I will not move from my knees until you command me

I will not hide or cover myself in shame that I may have caused

Or from the pain that you may cause by keeping your silence

And not telling me all

No tears will come from within me

May it be pleasure or pain you decide to give to me

I will except it all

With pride and brand it into my heart and soul for you

And I will always be proud to be owned by you

Even when your tired or stressed and things are not

going smooth as we thought

I will still be there on my knees offering myself too comfort you

Or take the pain from you

And hope we can get back on smooth ground again

Where we both know our hearts and souls were meant to be

Forged together for eternity

All you have to do is just open up and talk to me.

♥ With all my Love ♥


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