My son moved out of our home and got married five years ago and its been only Sir and I and we love our privacy and quiet home. We eat, sleep, talk openly, have sex when ever and where ever we want, walk around naked. We play hard with bondage and make a lot of noise doing so and have those moments of personal time alone and our D/s-M has been great. We been moving in the right direction and learning more and more everyday even thought we have days with missteps on both sides of the relationship. Nothing is perfect and we don’t expect it to be and that’s what growing is about…working together to figure out how to make our D/s-M stronger mentally as Dominant and submissive. So you don’t forget your roles in what you have to do to feed off each other to continue to keep that solid structure and build it stronger along the way. But in the last few weeks our home has become hectic our four nieces have been here four days a week after school til seven thirty at night. My son asked if his wife and our granddaughter can stay with us because he sold his home and needs time before re-buying another home and wants to stay for with us for at least six months. Sir and I have no choice…. he is our son and has never asked us for anything since he’s been on his own and even if he did we would not deny him a place to stay. The problem is making our 24/7 D/s-M work and continue to flow strong with a house full of two other adults and children. I wear my cuffs 24/7 no matter what and my family has seen them as well as others who enter my home. They do not ask me about them and I do not explain why I wear them and i won’t explain unless they ask me. They have heard me call my husband Sir… not all of the time but it has happened and they never asked why. I do have a feeling that my son and daughter in law know and wonder whats going on but has not yet mentioned it to us. I’ve been pretty stressed out lately because I’ve been overwhelmed with constant company and have gotten myself a few punishments for letting my mouth fly openly and free I also have been slacking in my submission and not keeping to my daily routine that got me where I am in my D/s -M in which has only been six months into our journey. I want to say that within our six months I believe we are pretty good in our D/s as Dom and sub and have a lot of knowledge for a couple that has just started their journey. We are not masters at what we do and never will be..we are still growing, but we are comfortable to know that we are smart enough to understand what we need to do in our roles. Its to keep feeding each other and to keep what we do fresh and wanting to learn more from one another each and everyday. To keep the communication open and the respect, honesty, trust that we built from the start as well as our dominance and submission always first and front and center some how while having our home invaded. I have been mentally overwhelming myself with ways to make this work while our home will be filled with people and how our lifestyle that we are use to living will have to change in a big way. Our play time will not be as open or as often as its is now but it will not be non-existing either because it is not in me to let that happen and there is no going back to vanilla or vanilla with a twist…EVER. I know I am going to have to have more patience and understanding without losing the balance of what I need to maintain my identity of who I am to myself and my submission. So tomorrow I will be starting myself back to the beginning of this journey with doing the things I did every day to prepare me mental to deal with the up coming craziness that my life is about to take. I do know that it will not be a smooth course ahead of me without a lot of large pot holes but it will not be a course that will deter me from my D/s-M relationship either. I will survive this no matter what I have to do to make it work and as long as my Sir is there and continues to be there to set me straight. And believes in what we do and takes the lead with he’s dominant nature we will be who we are at the end of the road when we are finally alone in our home once again. There is only one choice in my life and that choice is D/s-M always…ITS THE ONLY WAY IN MY LIFE PERIOD!

Happy D/s-M Everyone! Have a great day!


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