I lie here awake missing you

It’s been too long, I need you home

I need to feel you, touch you

To gaze down upon as you sleep

I lay here deep in thought

As I wrap myself around your pillow

I smell your scent, calming me

Peaceful, thinking of all the pleasures

That you give to me

A smile flickers across my lips

I want to lie next to you

Feeling your warm flesh next to mine

As you slowly expose my silken skin to your touch

As I keep thinking of you my hunger grows

I close my eyes

I clearly see all those times you tied me down

And buried yourself deep inside of me

Filled deep inside me until I’ve cried “Sir please more…more”

I feel on fire in the dark of the night

Panting until I couldn’t breathe anymore

You put your finger inside my mouth

To get it wet to write your name between my breast

Warm letters spell out your love upon my skin

You blow gently over them

Smiling, you go deeper inside of me

I quietly sigh, as I part my legs wider for you

You watch over me and the flicking candle light

Like a coyote watching over his sleeping mate

You whisper… my loving sub, your Sir is home

As I keep thinking of you my hunger grows

The beauty of your glowing body beckons me

To touch, to taste, to love its graceful movements over me

You take me deep and never let go of me

You grab hold of my hair, and guide my mouth to yours

You kiss me hard and part my hunger lips with your tongue

You drink your fill of me till I’m drunk with divine

As I keep thinking of you my hunger grows

How I hunger to have you now completely

Please hurry home to me Sir

With all my submission and love


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