In the world of D/s-M relationship it’s a heartfelt new twisted dance of dominance and submission that is an act of love between spouses. It’s an acceptance of the roles we choose to live by in our married life. For some it may come naturally or learned… for others it may be for different reasons to enter into this type of lifestyle. It can be as simple as you want it to be or complexed as you want it to be, it’s all up to you. Remember it’s your journey no one else’s in a D/s -M lifestyle.

On the surface, the notion of giving yourself for pleasure alone…of wanting for nothing more than to serve your Sir…appeals deeply for so many of us.

For me…submission isn’t about being a submissive person full time. I don’t define myself in terms of 24/7 submissive in my day to day life. I am who I am without any labels. However I am submissive only to one MAN, and who I call Sir. To Sir I have given my control.  The internal workings of my partnership with Sir are very much my focus,  and within the surrender to Sir, there is freedom for me. There is openness and vulnerability and Sir sees me for who I really am. There is nowhere to hide and Sir accepts me completely. Sir is worthy of these things.

In my mind, part of my surrender is scratching the surface and seeing what is underneath. This is seeing what I am really made of….of seeing what substance there is…and whether the foundations that I keep are strong.  It’s also accepting and trusting Sir’s guidance to a point where it no longer becomes a question of why it happens, but an acceptance that it happens.

There are obligations I must fulfill in order to function as a healthy woman/mother. I must take care of my body and my health. I must keep my mind active and strive to learn and expand it in as many ways as possible. I need to be a strong women in my submission as well when dealing with others who may try to tear me down.  It’s an obligation to Sir, that I give it my best shot at controlling these day to day things…for my own benefit. There is no one else in this world who can do these things for me…the ultimate responsibility lies on my shoulders. Our Sir’s cannot fix all our problems and sometimes the relinquishment of responsibility can be confused with surrendering control. In order to be the very best I can be for Sir I must first and foremost, be the very best I can be for me. From that… am free to surrender my control to Sir. Sir oversees is perhaps one way of putting it. I always know in my mind and my heart, that Sir is there supporting my efforts to be the best I can be. And I know that if I don’t fulfill my obligations I will have to answer to Sir but most of all I have to answer to myself. Even though Sir feeds my submission it still starts with me and is my responsibility to be accountable first.

Submission goes to the very core of my existence. This is who I am! It’s inbred inside my  soul that I can’t live without it. This very much becomes a switch of focus between what I have just talked about, and Sir’s needs and desires with no thought to my own. These are complex thoughts. In saying that there is no thought to my own needs and desires, isn’t negating that I have them. It means that I trust that Sir has my needs and desires in his mind as part of Sir’s own needs and desires. In my surrender to Sir, my focus is on Sir…not on myself. It is Sir’s role to take care of what is his.

Sir has challenged me in many ways. Sir has stirred the animal inside me and Sir has led me into a whole new world of self-discovery and sexuality. It’s both shocked me and excited me. I have touched parts of my sensual being that I didn’t even know existed. I have stirred Sir’s depths too. As sexual beings…we’ve danced a wonderfully erotic and intense dance of lovers. I lose myself completely in Sir once Sir has reclaimed what is his. Once I am taken, without thought, I exist for nothing more than to receive Sir into my body. It’s my only purpose to be used and loved and treated as Sir Wants. Sir pushes me to that point where I can’t hold back anymore….where I am so at Sir’s mercy and have surrendered my mind, my heart and soul completely. Sir peels back the layers until it’s just me there in all my absolute vulnerability may it be good or bad. And Sir Lets my tears flow…kisses them away there is always a beautiful calm afterwards. Feeling completely surrounded by Sir’s love, Sir’s warmth and Sir’s strength. Feeling protected. As I said at the very beginning, the surrender of control is an act of love. It’s something that can freely be given and accepted within a strong foundation of love, trust, honesty, respect and acceptance. My surrender is complete.



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