Sir we are both prisoners of our own love and burning desires
We can never be free from the burning fire we created together from within
From the first day that we found each other 
Or the day your Dominant heart surrounded my submissive heart
With a chain wrapped in love and desire so strong, so tight
That the beating of our hearts together became the sound of ONE
 The look in our eyes, our smiles when we look at one another
always says MINE
That when we kiss it's like the heat of our lips becomes a fever
A fever so hot that we are melded together till we take our last breath
I feel that chain that binds us will burn through all our days
And through our darkest nights
But we are not perfect and and neither is D/s
So will have that one day or night when we will fight
And when we do 
I feel that chain get so cold that my heart becomes separate
And shatters as it tears me apart
I want to be your prisoner again 
And never feel that cold upon my heart 



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