I cut a lot of parts out ..Wrote this quick it would take days to write the whole story …plus the bedroom scene (wet, juice and eatable) is the best part and it will be long…Lol!

Our Saturday night play started off with Sir having me kneeling in our bathroom only wearing my sports cuffs with my hands locked behind my back. Sir was in our bedroom getting everything ready for our play as I waited patiently and getting myself in a sub mind-set. I could smell all the jasmine incense that Sir was lighting ail around our bedroom and was also scanning the playlists for music that I have on my I pod. I had notice earlier that Sir had brought his small cooler into our bedroom and I had know idea why. Sir finally came into the bathroom and unlocked my cuffs and told me to stand up and to undress him. I do as I’m told but, I start trailing soft kisses down Sirs body as I remove each piece of clothing slowly. By the time I was done removing Sirs clothes I was so turned on and so wet that I didn’t want to stop…I wanted to stay on my knees and give Sir the best damn slowest BJ he’s ever received from me. But Sir had other ideas J Sir asked me to stand and give him my hands so Sir could lock my cuffs in front of me again. Sir noticed how wet I was and smiled at me as he helped me enter the shower …Sir hasn’t  turned on the water yet, Sir steps out of the bathroom and returns with my Ace 1 anal plug and lube n his hand. I look up Sir and started to tell Sir that I haven’t used this plug yet..but Sir tells me to stop and that it’s time to push me to try it. Sir enters the shower and puts the lube and plug up on the shelf and turns on the hand-held Delta shower and soaks me down, Sir tells me to put my hands on the wall and spread my legs apart and he starts using the Delta on my pussy as he’s torturing my nipples and pulling on my rings. Sir leans in to my ear and tells me that tonight is going to be very tasteful and delicious for both of us. I start to whimper as Sir is hitting my clit with the spray and the pressure is building inside me as Sir starts sucking and biting the back of my neck and shoulder. Sir removes the spray and tells me to bend over and grab the facet and keep my legs spread. I look behind and see Sir reaching for the plug and lube Sir sees me watching and tells me to turn and keep my eyes down. Sir pours some lube on my ass and lays the plug-in arch of my back and grabs the delta in hand and again and puts it back on my clit again moving it around to change the pressure and angle. I start whimpering again then Sir enters one finger in my ass as Sir whispers in my ear to just breathe and relax as Sir adds another finger and starts stretching me open. I start moaning my legs are starting to tremble I’m so close to letting go but Sir tells me to hold it. I feel Sir remove his fingers and take the plug off my back as the delta keeps pounding on my clit as Sir tells me push back and breathe..I feel the plug enter and Sir being gentle by talking to me before I can think about what’s happening… the plug is in.  As I come apart and my body is trembling in Sirs arms and my mind is floating in bliss. When I final get where I can stand without help I can feel how full my ass feels but it feels good Sir kisses me deeply and tells me that I did good. Sir wets me down again and grabs the shower gel and soaps my body up and starts teasing me be sliding his hands all over me. Sir is standing against my back and I can feel how hard Sirs cock is stabbing into my back as his palms are circling my hard nipples making me push into his hands wanting more…Sir slides one hand down and starts playing with my clit ring making me moan and I start begging Sir to fuck me. Sir grabs me hair pulling my head to the side and starts kissing me while his fingers enter me pumping them in and out as our tongues are entwining with each other and my breathing is quickening and I’m ready to explode in Sirs hand. Sir releases my mouth and asks me who do you belong to…I have to think for a minute before answering…I belong to you Sir only you. Sir than turns the over head showers on to rinse off all the soap on my body. I turn and I’m so hot and on edge that I’m ready to jump Sir but instead I ask Sir if he would like me to soap him down. Sir replies…with a no that he has other plans we need to get too, so Sir starts washing himself quickly while I stand there and just stare and wanting to lick every part of him up and then some…..


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