I promised I would write part 2 within a few days and I try to keep my word…even though I’m not feeling well I did complete it. But please excuse any errors I’m not feeling up to do corrections with that said…enjoy reading. Lts♥

Ending of Part 1

Sir than turns the over head showers on to rinse off all the soap on my body. I turn and I’m so hot and on edge that I’m ready to jump Sir but instead I ask Sir if he would like me to soap him down. Sir replies…with a know that he has other plans we need to get too, so Sir starts washing himself quickly while I stand there and just stare and wanting to lick every part of him up and then some…..

Part 2  Going into Bedroom Scene

*Note: Top and sides of mattress are completely covered in heavy-duty plastic. Some details are foggy but I will write what I do remember.

Sir is rinsing off all the soap off his body and I can’t take my eyes off his sexy ass as his muscles are flexing each and every time he moves. Sir shut off the facets to the shower and turns and looks straight into my eyes and grins. Sir helps me out of the shower and tell me to spread my legs as Sir reaches for a towel and starts drying my hair Sir grabs another towel and very slowly starts wiping down my back side first as Sir whispers in my ear telling me that I will be wet all over again in all the right place sand bites my shoulder. Sir dries my ass but pulls the plug out and pushes it back in, Sir does this many times while he’s bent down to wipe the back of my legs. Sir bites my left ass cheek before he gets up to start wiping down the front part of my body. The anticipation of what Sir has planned on top of being so turned on is taking my mind into overload mode… making my body shiver and I can feel my juices start to drip down my thighs. Sir tells me to keep my eyes on him at all times as he slowly starts wiping my neck and when Sir reaches my breast area he uses both hands to hold the towel so it just touches each nipple and starts with small circle motions over each tip. I start whimpering because my nipples are sensitive with having rings in them and Sir knows that this will drives me crazy. Sir keeps this up until I can’t stop my body from moving forward into Sirs hands…Sir tells me to stop and it takes me a minute to process what he’s asking… but I do. My mind is in a fog and my body is very needed at the moment and I want Sir to jump my ass now. My breasts feel very heavy at this moment as I see Sir reaching on the counter for the nipple chain..my breathing is erratic so I concentrate to turn my focus on getting it under control. Sir opens up the alligator clip and places it on my right nipple than turns the screw tight until I start moaning loudly than tugs on the chain to make sure its gets the reaction Sir wants from me. Sir must have noticed my eyes where probably glazing over because Sir smiled as I moaned even louder. Sir gave me time to adjust as Sir asked me what my safe words were…again it took me a moment for it to register but I answered with red, yellow, green Sir. Sir asked me what color now and I replied with a very HORNEY green Sir. Sir laughed and proceeds by placing the alligator clip to my left breast turning the screw till I moaned out loud again as Sir pulled on the chain again. I know I must be dripping everywhere but I’m not sure because my mind is starting to float off a bit even though I’m trying to focus but Sir is making that hard as he’s continues his trail down until he reaches my pussy and starts playing with my clit ring with his tongue as I start whimpering and moving into his tongue wanting Sir to go deeper, so much deeper.Sir laughs as he steps away and stands and asks me to give him my hands, I do and Sir removes my cuffs and tells me to look up at him again. Sir tells me to go to our bedroom and kneel at the bottom of the bed facing the bed and wait. I enter the bedroom and see the bed covered in heavy plastic completely with the bed restraints in place over the plastic but, I do not see the cooler in sight. I kneel at the end of the bed facing the bed, I’m trying to get my mind to function on what Sir has waiting for me to be tortured with and all I can think of is ice. My body starts shivering because I don’t know how much more I can take of Sirs devious mind before I explode. I don’t know how much time past but I do know a moment in heaven just started playing and that’s about eight minutes long and this song always puts my mind in a sub zone. It’s so relaxing, trance music that you feel like your somewhere else in time and space. Sir was standing in the door way about five minutes in to song when I hear Sir say eyes down. Sir steps behind me and I feel the blindfold going over my eyes as I close them. Sir whispers to stand up and I do Sir takes my hands a places them on edge of bed and tells me to step back and spread my legs than arch my back as I hear Sir open the toy chest. Sir than tells me to open my mouth and puts one of the crop handles across my lips and tells me to hold it and do not drop it. I bite down slightly but firm as I feel Sirs hands gliding down my arms and back up to back of my neck and squeezed and pushed my head down and held it in place. My mind went started floating off just as Sirs other hand slapped my left ass cheek and brought my focus back than he slapped the right….I started groaning and Sir continued slapping my ass many times before I felt Sirs hand on the crop and Sir whispered to release it in my ear. Sir says are you ready Lt I can’t respond so I shack my head yes, Sir ask what color Lt I reply green Sir after a few seconds later.I hear a swish of air and next the slapper crop comes down across my ass as I groan loudly and I am getting very wet again, again it strikes my ass and again it hurts but not like the new strap that bites when it lands. Sir keeps laying strikes across both ass cheeks but I can’t recall how many because I’m lost in my head than it just stops. I feel Sir pick me up and lay me in the center off the bed and strap me down and remove the nipple clamps as I moan and shiver and I don’t know where Sir is in the room. I don’t know how much time past but enough that I could get some of my senses back that I heard Sir whisper its fun time and grabbed my hair and pulled and Sir lips came down and kissed me deeply as I was moaning in Sirs mouth. Sir releases my lips and hair and says its time…OMG! I feel something hot dripping down between my breasts going straight down to my clit and then on both my nipples, it doesn’t burn but the shock and feel is sending on the very age of exploding. It smells like chocolate before I can think Sir is using his tongue swirling over my clit eating his way up. I’m begging Sir to let me cum but Sir says to hold just a bit longer. Now Sir at licking and biting each nipple and I lost it screaming no more Sir. Sir laughs and says I just started having fun as I’m trying to get my body back in control and my breathing. But I don’t have time when I something cold is being held on my nipples as Sir whispers in my ear Vanilla ice cream one of my favorites. I’m losing my senses quickly as Sir dropping ice cream down the center of my body all the way to my pussy. The minute the cold hit my clit my whole body convulsed into one of the biggest orgasm I ever had. I was screaming yellow, Sir yellow but Sir kept eating his way everywhere and I couldn’t keep up or think…now it gets foggy because I’m zoned in sub space but I do know Sir whimpered ready for the topping. I couldn’t answer Sir…I feel something light being placed all over me just as Sir inserts a vibrator in my pussy and I’m trying to squirm away but I can’t move and Sir starts sucking my nipples and pulling my rings…pure torture…I can’t stop from exploding again and screaming for Sir to stop. I don’t know how long this continued or who many more times I came but I recall sir saying loudly in my ear that it was his turn now. I felt Sir take the vibrator out and enter me with one powerful thrust and kept driving hard and deep and that I was yelling more please. I heard Sir start grunting loud and yelled now and I flew apart again into complete sated bliss. I don’t recall how I got cleaned completely…but when I woke I was under the sheets cuddled up to Sir feeling still out of sorts but I could still function to ask Sir how did I get cleaned. Sir said he carried me in the shower and cleaned use both then took me to our spear bedroom to lie down until he could clean up everything. Than Sir brought me back to our room oiled my body down than tucked me in next to him and we slept for a few hours. All I can say is that it was torture, sweet, orgasmic, and very enjoyable and total HOT…I will always remember this Saturday. BEST EVER!



  1. Love to read your words again Lt
    Nice to see you are back posting



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