Tonight we played your secret game

It took me to my deepest depths

And made me rise to amazing heights

To a place were pain and pleasure fought for equal rights

You took my mind into the darkness

And than caress it back into light

Than you beat me back up to the summit

Than stroked me up to the peak

Where the flames burnt at me

And licked at me until I opened

Where you reached inside me

And took my very soul

And that’s when I screamed

And told you to take everything that you owned

And as I journeyed inside my own head

To another place that I have been

You took this body that you own

to the very edge, over and over again

And just as I thought I would crumble and fall

You gave me your strength

And guided me through it all

And when I was at my weakest point

I let go

And gave you that every thing including my will

And you were there to catch me as I fell

Like you always are

By holding me tight to your chest

to hear the beat of your very own heart

And never letting me go

And in that moment

A lesson I had just learnt

That you will always be there

To guide me no matter where you are

All I ever have to do

Is feel and I will find you Sir

Always, inside my very own heart

♥ Written by Lts ♥

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