I kneel before you surrendering 

My mind, body, heart and soul

You will always hold and control

I will always be whatever you demand

Your precious gem, your pet, your slut,

Or as wanton or dirty as you demand

I quiver in silence for that warm embrace

Or your dominant voice or touch that will send me to my submissive place

Sir please bend and break me and then rebuild me again

Control my body to serve your every desire and need

Unlock those chains that lock my heart and my soul

With the key that your dominant heart only holds

Sir so teach me what I need to learn so I can

Become the perfect submissive you will always need and deserve

Than show me what you most desire

So I can feed your dominant soul and keep that fire burning within

So it will build and burn in our hearts and make them beat as one

And with this one heart we will continue this journey and make it only what we need it to be

With one heart in which you will always keep locked, dominate and own within me.

 by Lts

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