Bound are the leather cuffs that I wear

Spread out naked for your pleasure, to Dominate me

And I will drown by the pain that you will give to me

Bound to silence, I will not give in

To the sweet lashes you will deliver

Bound to obey, serve and love you is my only will

I will openly bare my soul to you

With every breath, every fear and every tear

Bound by sweet punishment I am enchanted by it

And your marks I will gladly bare from it

And my love for you only grows stronger

Bound to take from me whatever you will

As I feel your fingers hot on my skin

There is no pain that will destroy my will

Even as I draw closer I will not give in

I am floating through time and space it feels

I must not be given in, but give away my heart and soul

I am bound to throw myself in

Swallowed whole by the doors that open and close within my head

And my darkest desires that consume within me

As your hands caress my beaten flesh

Bound to heal within the pleasure of the pain you have given me

As you whispers in my ear to let you in

I lower my head and give in

Bound to release my life in your dominant hands

Knowing you will always protect me from the battle that rages within me

Bound to set me free to finally just be me

To finally let go what tries to hide inside my head

♥  Lts ♥

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