Epiphany arrives at the strangest time
Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sublime
She sits alone, eyes opened wide
The paradigms shifted, and now she must decide

Before her eyes, a crossroads has appeared
Both paths are desired, both paths feared
Does she take the straight path, the one well worn
Or the path of submission, to which she feels born

To take a Sir, to guide her life
A strong man who will disperse all strife
Or to choose free will on the straight road
The expected path, to carry her own load

It’s her free will to choose either way
She wants to decide right here, today
And make this decision her lifelong choice
Her heart hears a beckoning Sir’s voice

A Sir she’s not even met, except in her heart
A Sir she desires, from whom she’d never part
A Sir who would be her life’s guiding light
A Sir who would love her with all his might

Thinking this, she knows nothing is left to decide
The decision is long past, she’s just along for the ride
More than her life, she wants this Sir of her dreams
Thinking on it now, it was forever, or so it seems

Calm and peaceful now, she silently considers all
Submitting to this Sir, dark and tall
Then from out of the blue comes a knock at her door
She somehow knows it’s him as she crosses the floor

Glancing through the peephole, she is awed by fate
Here is her Sir, she no longer must wait
She opens the door to him, and gets lost in his eyes
And he’s lost in hers, she notes with no surprise

For years, she’s been on this road, never looking back
Her Sir walks before her, and she follows in his tracks
She’s pleased with her collar, leather and black
She’s even pleased when she feels his whip’s crack

“She found her road to be who she was meant to be”

*** We all come across crossroads in our life and in our D/s journey that fear us of the unknown. It’s our choice which road we take and how far we journey down that road.  It doesn’t matter what anyone else may think about the direction you take or if it’s right or wrong.  As long as that road  enriches and fulfills what you need and want in your life and makes you happy…. that is all that matters.  Life is too short to worry about what other people may think.

Live life your way subbies be who you are meant to be

♥ LT ♥

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