You are away and I can’t sleep

I reach for your pillow to tuck under my cheek

So I can smell your scent upon your pillow case

As I close my eyes I start to reminiscence

About the last time you Sir was in bed beside me

The images I see as I drift off to sleep

Becomes so real to me

That I can feel your hand wrap around my body tightly

As your teeth bite into the back of my shoulder

while your other hand slides slowly down my body

I can feel your fingers as they enter me

Where they went so deep inside of me

I can see the blue glare in your eyes

As you look down upon me

I can still feel and taste your lips as they bite upon mine

Your  hands as they slide down to gently grab my arms

To lock my cuffs and raise them back above my head

I can hear your voice whispering in my ear

Asking me to beg you Sir to take what you need from me

I can still feel you’re beard as you slide down the center of me

I can feel you open me wide to feed your desire

As you slide between my thighs

I feel your tongue upon my flesh

And the teeth marks that you left

I feel you take all that belongs to you

Just as my body starts to quiver

I gasp and my eyes snap open

To see it’s only me who is lying here all alone Sir

So please hurry home and lay next to me

And wrap me in your arms

I miss your dominance that controls me

And you’re love that dominates my mind, body, heart and soul in me

Because Sir you are my home and always will be

Missing You

♥ Lt ♥

2 Comments on “Missing you tonight Sir

  1. The word “longing” comes to my mind. It’s not really a nice feeling at the moment but most of us do not get to experience longing like that often. Be in the moment and experience the longing you have for him. It may be a while before you are apart like this again and once he is home the reunion will be out of this world.


    • So true Reese and the homecoming will be subtastic. You may not see me for a few days Lol!


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