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The on-line D/s Community has lost a sub/slave and friend to many of us

This is hard to write without getting to personal because I am still at lost for words  so I’ll keep it simple. I was informed this week that we lost a young women, mother, wife, friend, and slave to her husband Master Jasper and her name was Emily. I meet Emily about 4 1/2 years ago on a D/s site that I was a … Read More The on-line D/s Community has lost a sub/slave and friend to many of us

+ Crossroads


Epiphany arrives at the strangest time Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sublime She sits alone, eyes opened wide The paradigms shifted, and now she must decide Before her eyes, a crossroads has appeared Both paths are desired, both paths feared Does she take the straight path, the one well worn Or the path of submission, to which she feels born To take a Sir, to guide … Read More Crossroads

+ Missing you tonight

Missing you tonight Sir

 You are away and I can’t sleep I reach for your pillow to tuck under my cheek So I can smell your scent upon your pillow case As I close my eyes I start to reminiscence About the last time you Sir was in bed beside me The images I see as I drift off to sleep Becomes so real to me That I can … Read More Missing you tonight Sir

+ Bound


Bound are the leather cuffs that I wear Spread out naked for your pleasure, to Dominate me And I will drown by the pain that you will give to me Bound to silence, I will not give in To the sweet lashes you will deliver Bound to obey, serve and love you is my only will I will openly bare my soul to you … Read More Bound

+ Please Sir

Please Sir

Please Sir Make it dirty, make it slow, Keep the rhythm dark and low, Grind and rub me all hot and wet, Perfume my heat with lust and sweat. Paradise is right at hand And whip and cane and belt and hand, Heaven is in your Dominant touch and taste, I can try to struggle, try to escape, Unlock the handcuffs, peel off the tape, … Read More Please Sir



I kneel before you surrendering  My mind, body, heart and soul You will always hold and control I will always be whatever you demand Your precious gem, your pet, your slut, Or as wanton or dirty as you demand I quiver in silence for that warm embrace Or your dominant voice or touch that will send me to my submissive place Sir please bend and break … Read More Surrendering

Love in Domination and submission

For me…Love is living your own life, but sharing it. It’s forgiveness, its making a gazillion mistakes and turning them into learning experiences. Love is patience, optimism and sometimes it’s just a kiss when there is nothing else. Love is seeing your darkness and the sadist that is lurking inside you. It makes the masochistic side of me crave for so much more. It’s … Read More Love in Domination and submission


MY Submission in a D/s Married Relationship

In the world of D/s-M relationship it’s a heartfelt new twisted dance of dominance and submission that is an act of love between spouses. It’s an acceptance of the roles we choose to live by in our married life. For some it may come naturally or learned… for others it may be for different reasons to enter into this type of lifestyle. It can be … Read More MY Submission in a D/s Married Relationship


The Submissive Prayer

  I am Submissive…So Allow me submissive strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.  Allow me the submissive spirit to know Sir’s needs. Allow me the submissive kindness to choke back my retorts.   Allow me the submissive serenity to serve Sir in peace.   Allow me the submissive love to show Sir myself.   Allow me the submissive tenderness to comfort Sir.   Allow my submissive … Read More The Submissive Prayer

RedLight Special Dirty Edition – TLC

Songwriters: EDMONDS, KENNETH B Take a good look at it Look at it now Might be the last time you’ll Have a go round I’ll let you touch it if you’d Like to go down I’ll let you go further If you take the southern route Don’t go too fast Don’t go too slow You’ve got to let your body flow I like ’em … Read More RedLight Special Dirty Edition – TLC

Stop Thinking so much.

Sometimes we think so much that we cause our on heartache . We end up not knowing what direction to go in because we create so many different roads in our mind. That we start to over-think not knowing if we are right or wrong or should we or shouldn’t we. When all we have to do is go where our hearts lead us. … Read More Stop Thinking so much.

Sexual Astrology – When Venus or Mars is in Gemini,

When Venus or Mars is in Gemini, use words in bed with them. Talk turns them on, and they love to kiss! Oral pleasures are extra special for these lovers. They love role-playing, as long as it is varied. They are generally fun in bed, if you can forgive their sudden bursts of speech during the act. To you, an intellectual conversation may interrupt lovemaking, … Read More Sexual Astrology – When Venus or Mars is in Gemini,