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I am a Submissive

. This is my point of view only I am a submissive and I’m new in this D/s-M world it’s and it’s wonderful, exciting, there are times when it easy and everything works. But there times when it doesn’t go as you want it to…D/s takes a lot of serious work on both sides of the relationship. Both people in the relationship have to … Read More I am a Submissive

Sir’s favorite thing he likes to do to me

      My Sir does this when he wants me to beg him for release. Have you ever been blindfold and been bound to a chair where wrist cuffs are attached to a rope and yours cuffs are pulled down to your sides and tied off under the chair. Your ankle cuffs are tied off to each leg of the chair so you … Read More Sir’s favorite thing he likes to do to me

Feeling Guilty!

This morning I felt so guilty that I had broken a rule that is so important to Sir. I let my fingers run away on the keyboard last night without thinking what I was typing. I’m thankful that the owner of the blog was sweet enough to delete the comment when I asked. What made my quilt worse was that Sir woke before I … Read More Feeling Guilty!

You’ve Got A Way With Me..

SIR…THIS IS WHAT YOU MAKE MY FEEL.   ♥♥♥ Lts♥♥♥ Great Song and the words are sooo…TRUE Lyrics You’ve got a way with me Somehow you got me to believe In everything that I could be I’ve gotta say-you really got a way You’ve got a way it seems You gave me faith to find my dreams You’ll never know just what that means … Read More You’ve Got A Way With Me..

How big is your brave?

Just What I Needed…..

Too Funny!


This one for Girl on Fire


Tell Him Today

Originally posted on The Bedroom Submissive:
Tell him.. Tell him your need… Tell him of your Ache… Tell him he can make you both better. Better Mind. Better Body. Better Relationship. More Honesty… More communication… No..Regret! Educate him on your submission. Educate him on D/s, Dominance & submission. Educate him on your body. let him Educate you on His…. Open up, let him in……

Melissa Etheridge – Angels Would Fall