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Our Saturday Night Part 1

  I cut a lot of parts out ..Wrote this quick it would take days to write the whole story …plus the bedroom scene (wet, juice and eatable) is the best part and it will be long…Lol! Our Saturday night play started off with Sir having me kneeling in our bathroom only wearing my sports cuffs with my hands locked behind my back. Sir … Read More Our Saturday Night Part 1


I promised I would write part 2 within a few days and I try to keep my word…even though I’m not feeling well I did complete it. But please excuse any errors I’m not feeling up to do corrections with that said…enjoy reading. Lts♥ Ending of Part 1 Sir than turns the over head showers on to rinse off all the soap on my … Read More OUR SATURDAY NIGHT PART 2


The Submissive Prayer

  I am Submissive…So Allow me submissive strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.  Allow me the submissive spirit to know Sir’s needs. Allow me the submissive kindness to choke back my retorts.   Allow me the submissive serenity to serve Sir in peace.   Allow me the submissive love to show Sir myself.   Allow me the submissive tenderness to comfort Sir.   Allow my submissive … Read More The Submissive Prayer


To My Sir

  Submissive is what I am It’s too deep inside me to ever let it go It’s forged from my heart and from my soul In which I give to you openly to own To do with as you desire or command until the day they go still and turn cold In your hand I will bow and go down on my knees without … Read More To My Sir

Submission is mine.

  I live by this Code MINE I own it. This beautiful thing, this slavery, this submission… I can permit someone else to taste it. Can give myself, body mind and spirit to another. And I can also know that I bring this energy to the table. When I own my submission, when I take responsibility for living in my authentic self, I become … Read More Submission is mine.

Yesterday was not a good day. 7/31/13

Some days just don’t go the way you had planned. This morning started off on a good note, I got all the everyday house cleaning done. But than I decided to store away some boxes in the attic…things that we packed away that we no longer use. We’ll I wasn’t think about the hardwood floor we just had re-waxed and when you are in … Read More Yesterday was not a good day. 7/31/13


Our First Night

To My Sir, On June 18, 1980 you walked into to my life even though I didn’t want you too. To this day I thank god that you never walked away from me. So I want you to know that you will always have my Gift with everything that I am. You will own my heart, my soul, my body, my mind and all … Read More Our First Night

My White Knight

Sir you are my White Knight in shining armor You are the dominant one That I need That holds the only key to my Keep The gentleman of my realm The protector of my soul  In which you will always hold The mighty leader of my heart That beats only for you to control The conquer who can take me Apart piece by piece … Read More My White Knight