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I kneel before you surrendering  My mind, body, heart and soul You will always hold and control I will always be whatever you demand Your precious gem, your pet, your slut, Or as wanton or dirty as you demand I quiver in silence for that warm embrace Or your dominant voice or touch that will send me to my submissive place Sir please bend and break … Read More Surrendering

I Let Go

Tonight we played your secret game It took me to my deepest depths And made me rise to amazing heights To a place were pain and pleasure fought for equal rights You took my mind into the darkness And than caress it back into light Than you beat me back up to the summit Than stroked me up to the peak Where the flames … Read More I Let Go

Our Saturday Night Part 1

  I cut a lot of parts out ..Wrote this quick it would take days to write the whole story …plus the bedroom scene (wet, juice and eatable) is the best part and it will be long…Lol! Our Saturday night play started off with Sir having me kneeling in our bathroom only wearing my sports cuffs with my hands locked behind my back. Sir … Read More Our Saturday Night Part 1


I promised I would write part 2 within a few days and I try to keep my word…even though I’m not feeling well I did complete it. But please excuse any errors I’m not feeling up to do corrections with that said…enjoy reading. Lts♥ Ending of Part 1 Sir than turns the over head showers on to rinse off all the soap on my … Read More OUR SATURDAY NIGHT PART 2


The Submissive Prayer

  I am Submissive…So Allow me submissive strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.  Allow me the submissive spirit to know Sir’s needs. Allow me the submissive kindness to choke back my retorts.   Allow me the submissive serenity to serve Sir in peace.   Allow me the submissive love to show Sir myself.   Allow me the submissive tenderness to comfort Sir.   Allow my submissive … Read More The Submissive Prayer

My Life is About To Change

My son moved out of our home and got married five years ago and its been only Sir and I and we love our privacy and quiet home. We eat, sleep, talk openly, have sex when ever and where ever we want, walk around naked. We play hard with bondage and make a lot of noise doing so and have those moments of personal … Read More My Life is About To Change


To My Sir

  Submissive is what I am It’s too deep inside me to ever let it go It’s forged from my heart and from my soul In which I give to you openly to own To do with as you desire or command until the day they go still and turn cold In your hand I will bow and go down on my knees without … Read More To My Sir

Stop Comparing and Focus on Your Journey

Stop comparing where you’re at with where everyone else is. It doesn’t move you farther ahead, improve your situation, or help you find peace and that connection you want with your partner. It just feeds your desire in sadness, fuels your feelings of inadequacy, and ultimately, it keeps you stuck from staying positive. The reality is that there is no one correct path in … Read More Stop Comparing and Focus on Your Journey

Is this a dream or really inside me

I lay here dreaming as you dominate me bound by the your leather that I wear And I will drown by the pain that you will give to me Silent I will not give in To the sweet punishment you will deliver To serve and love you is my will I will throw myself into your dominant hands With every breath, every fear and … Read More Is this a dream or really inside me

What Do I Need From My Dominant?

For all Newbie’s….. This is also good material to read…but remember it was written for a D/s relationship so use it only for knowledge and for  guideline purposes too make it work for you in your D/s-M as I did.   I hope it helps you…..Lts♥ This also was Written by Master James What Do I Need From My Dominant? The Care and Feeding of … Read More What Do I Need From My Dominant?

Dominants What am I looking for?

I found this a few years ago when I was first interested in D/s-M…It gave me helped on deciding if my husband would be able to adjust to being a Hus/Dom and to lead before I even got up the nerve to ask him. I also showed this to my husband after he excepted to try D/s to give him some insight on what … Read More Dominants What am I looking for?

These are the Personal Qualities I believe a Submissive should always have or try to have.

The order does not matter -The Qualities do 1. A submissive should always be Patient 2. A submissive should always love her self 3. A submissive should always have confidence in her self 4.  A submissive should always follow the rules 5. A submissive should always have respect 6. A submissive should always be obedient 7. A submissive should always communicate 8. A submissive should always be … Read More These are the Personal Qualities I believe a Submissive should always have or try to have.