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+ Crossroads


Epiphany arrives at the strangest time Sometimes ridiculous, sometimes sublime She sits alone, eyes opened wide The paradigms shifted, and now she must decide Before her eyes, a crossroads has appeared Both paths are desired, both paths feared Does she take the straight path, the one well worn Or the path of submission, to which she feels born To take a Sir, to guide … Read More Crossroads



I kneel before you surrendering  My mind, body, heart and soul You will always hold and control I will always be whatever you demand Your precious gem, your pet, your slut, Or as wanton or dirty as you demand I quiver in silence for that warm embrace Or your dominant voice or touch that will send me to my submissive place Sir please bend and break … Read More Surrendering



Sir we are both prisoners of our own love and burning desires We can never be free from the burning fire we created together from within From the first day that we found each other Or the day your Dominant heart surrounded my submissive heart With a chain wrapped in love and desire so strong, so tight That the beating of our hearts together … Read More Prisoners


Hunger Grows

I lie here awake missing you It’s been too long, I need you home I need to feel you, touch you To gaze down upon as you sleep I lay here deep in thought As I wrap myself around your pillow I smell your scent, calming me Peaceful, thinking of all the pleasures That you give to me A smile flickers across my lips … Read More Hunger Grows


The Submissive Prayer

  I am Submissive…So Allow me submissive strength to answer questions I can’t fathom.  Allow me the submissive spirit to know Sir’s needs. Allow me the submissive kindness to choke back my retorts.   Allow me the submissive serenity to serve Sir in peace.   Allow me the submissive love to show Sir myself.   Allow me the submissive tenderness to comfort Sir.   Allow my submissive … Read More The Submissive Prayer

What Do I Need From My Dominant?

For all Newbie’s….. This is also good material to read…but remember it was written for a D/s relationship so use it only for knowledge and for  guideline purposes too make it work for you in your D/s-M as I did.   I hope it helps you…..Lts♥ This also was Written by Master James What Do I Need From My Dominant? The Care and Feeding of … Read More What Do I Need From My Dominant?

Dominants What am I looking for?

I found this a few years ago when I was first interested in D/s-M…It gave me helped on deciding if my husband would be able to adjust to being a Hus/Dom and to lead before I even got up the nerve to ask him. I also showed this to my husband after he excepted to try D/s to give him some insight on what … Read More Dominants What am I looking for?

These are the Personal Qualities I believe a Submissive should always have or try to have.

The order does not matter -The Qualities do 1. A submissive should always be Patient 2. A submissive should always love her self 3. A submissive should always have confidence in her self 4.  A submissive should always follow the rules 5. A submissive should always have respect 6. A submissive should always be obedient 7. A submissive should always communicate 8. A submissive should always be … Read More These are the Personal Qualities I believe a Submissive should always have or try to have.

Submission is mine.

  I live by this Code MINE I own it. This beautiful thing, this slavery, this submission… I can permit someone else to taste it. Can give myself, body mind and spirit to another. And I can also know that I bring this energy to the table. When I own my submission, when I take responsibility for living in my authentic self, I become … Read More Submission is mine.

Our Second month in D/s – M Relationship

I’m writing this to let other new subs know that it takes a lot of patience and guidance if your husband has no idea what you are asking of him. It took more than six months to get my husband to take me serous; he thought it was just a phase I was going through. Final with Lk’s help and some other bloggers comments … Read More Our Second month in D/s – M Relationship

Last Night

Last night I had to be dreaming That I was lying sweetly between your dominant thighs I started kissing your cock with all my submissive desires I could feel your cock pulsing against my sweet lips So I open wide to take you inside Tracing my tongue and swirling it around You start to rise as I keep sucking you down When you grab … Read More Last Night

Sirs Belt

Sir as I kneel naked besides our bed My eyes are closed just as you command I hear the sound of leather gliding thru the loops It’s so intoxicating to me It stirs strong emotions inside of me Sir please lay me flat across the end of our bed And attach the spreader bar to spread my legs Sir cuff my hands behind my … Read More Sirs Belt