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+ Missing you tonight

Missing you tonight Sir

 You are away and I can’t sleep I reach for your pillow to tuck under my cheek So I can smell your scent upon your pillow case As I close my eyes I start to reminiscence About the last time you Sir was in bed beside me The images I see as I drift off to sleep Becomes so real to me That I can … Read More Missing you tonight Sir


Our First Night

To My Sir, On June 18, 1980 you walked into to my life even though I didn’t want you too. To this day I thank god that you never walked away from me. So I want you to know that you will always have my Gift with everything that I am. You will own my heart, my soul, my body, my mind and all … Read More Our First Night

When I Wake

When I wake The sun maybe shining Warm and Bright But my body feels cold inside Sir side is empty again As I lay in our bed I reminisce about the things that I miss The warmth of your body When you hold me tight The strength of your hands When you stroke down my side The feel of your lips When you kiss … Read More When I Wake

Sir you have my consent

Sir you have my consent So I kneel before you and wait for your command You have my submission in the palm of your hand You control my heart on an invisible chain Waiting for your pleasure and pain As I get lost looking into your eyes With hope your domination will chain me each and every time Take me over your knee and … Read More Sir you have my consent

The Captain of my Ship

When I look into your eyes I am never afraid at what I might find I see nothing but love and trust within them I know I will always be safe inside your arms Where I feel your heat and flames that you hold for me inside You will always stand tall with such a grace within my eyes That makes my heart want … Read More The Captain of my Ship

It’s a Beautiful Night

It’ was a beautiful night sitting out on our deck As the moon is reflecting light across our bare naked skin As I lay across Sirs body I start to feel wet As his hand grabs hold of the front of my neck Sir than leans down to dominate my lips Sir whispers to open so he can have what is his Sir lips … Read More It’s a Beautiful Night

A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE

Ok.. A challenge… He takes his clothes off and gets in shower… You get his belt and fold it and put it in your mouth crawl to the shower kneel wait for him to get out and ask him to please use it on you… Let me know how it works… Good Luck! Lk❤ My Answer: Lk  ( I had to stop to get … Read More A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE


It’s a special world for me A special bond That one cannot see It’s the way you walk Or smile at me It’s when you talk That I can’t breathe It’s when you sleep That I open my eyes At the gift That was given to me To always be loved Within your heart To have your breath  Always upon my neck To have … Read More A SPECIAL WORLD FOR ME

The evening I planned for Sir on the 4th of July

My Sir works hard and never takes time off to just relax. This fourth Sir is not working…. so I’m planning an evening for Sir’s enjoyment First,  I will be cooking Sir his favorite dinner…only in Sir’s apron of course. 🙂  Sir loves having access to what he owns and I love pleasing Sir. I will create Sir diner with Sir’s favorite foods.  Filet … Read More The evening I planned for Sir on the 4th of July

What Is My Worth To My Sir?

What exactly is my worth to my Sir and what do I bring to Sir’s life? Do I make Sir’s life easier? I had to think about this … it is not a simple answer as it seems. In material terms, I am not really worth a lot…nor did I bring much to Sir’s life when we met, some personal effects, a little bit … Read More What Is My Worth To My Sir?

What is Submissive?

 A submissive is a person who makes a conscious choice to give up some or all control of her life to another person – a Dominant or a Top. Dominance and submission is about a power exchange between two consenting adults. It is about the control within the dynamics of that relationship, whether it be a full time 24/7 relationship, or a casual meeting, … Read More What is Submissive?