Tag: Sexual arousal

Last Night

Last night I had to be dreaming That I was lying sweetly between your dominant thighs I started kissing your cock with all my submissive desires I could feel your cock pulsing against my sweet lips So I open wide to take you inside Tracing my tongue and swirling it around You start to rise as I keep sucking you down When you grab … Read More Last Night

Sirs Belt

Sir as I kneel naked besides our bed My eyes are closed just as you command I hear the sound of leather gliding thru the loops It’s so intoxicating to me It stirs strong emotions inside of me Sir please lay me flat across the end of our bed And attach the spreader bar to spread my legs Sir cuff my hands behind my … Read More Sirs Belt

Sir you have my consent

Sir you have my consent So I kneel before you and wait for your command You have my submission in the palm of your hand You control my heart on an invisible chain Waiting for your pleasure and pain As I get lost looking into your eyes With hope your domination will chain me each and every time Take me over your knee and … Read More Sir you have my consent

It’s a Beautiful Night

It’ was a beautiful night sitting out on our deck As the moon is reflecting light across our bare naked skin As I lay across Sirs body I start to feel wet As his hand grabs hold of the front of my neck Sir than leans down to dominate my lips Sir whispers to open so he can have what is his Sir lips … Read More It’s a Beautiful Night

A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE

Ok.. A challenge… He takes his clothes off and gets in shower… You get his belt and fold it and put it in your mouth crawl to the shower kneel wait for him to get out and ask him to please use it on you… Let me know how it works… Good Luck! Lk❤ My Answer: Lk  ( I had to stop to get … Read More A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE