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It’s a Beautiful Night

It’ was a beautiful night sitting out on our deck As the moon is reflecting light across our bare naked skin As I lay across Sirs body I start to feel wet As his hand grabs hold of the front of my neck Sir than leans down to dominate my lips Sir whispers to open so he can have what is his Sir lips … Read More It’s a Beautiful Night

A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE

Ok.. A challenge… He takes his clothes off and gets in shower… You get his belt and fold it and put it in your mouth crawl to the shower kneel wait for him to get out and ask him to please use it on you… Let me know how it works… Good Luck! Lk❤ My Answer: Lk  ( I had to stop to get … Read More A challenge put to me by THE BEDROOM SUBMISSIVE

The Dungeon Within Me

I’m lying naked in my bed With many bad dark feelings Going through my head Cold stone walls are opening inside of me Deep in my mind were I can’t see The place where doors open without a key Then close in on me It’s very dark and deep Where there are shackles and chains That won’t release me I call this place my … Read More The Dungeon Within Me

Our D/s Circle Chart

This chart is based on ATOM each molecule feeds off each part which feeds and ignites the liquid core….the more you feed the core the stronger the ATOM becomes SOLID      The GROWTH of the ATOM is up to you! This is OUR CIRCLE for D/s-M each color represents two parts of a whole…you can’t have one without the other… when it all … Read More Our D/s Circle Chart


It’s a special world for me A special bond That one cannot see It’s the way you walk Or smile at me It’s when you talk That I can’t breathe It’s when you sleep That I open my eyes At the gift That was given to me To always be loved Within your heart To have your breath  Always upon my neck To have … Read More A SPECIAL WORLD FOR ME

One Month into Our D/s–M Relationship From this Subs Point of View

After reading some recent posts by The Bedroom Submissive it started me to think more about my Sir’s position in this D/s-M relationship. I asked my husband for D/s–M and he finally agreed to do it and I was so thankful that he did. But by the 5th day into it I wanted it to go on a faster pace like…The Roadrunner style and … Read More One Month into Our D/s–M Relationship From this Subs Point of View

Submission was from Sir’s Kiss

My submission was from Sir’s Kiss My body aches for the next kiss Sir’s touch Sir’s pain Sir’s love Sir’s command My body sways to the music My mind is answering Sir Whispering softly to me I walk slowly as Sir calls to me Sir takes my wrists gentle Places soft leather cuffs upon me Sir blindfolds me My mind is racing As I … Read More Submission was from Sir’s Kiss

Sir Take Me Hard And Take Me Sweet

  Sir take me hard and take me sweet On my pillow I shall weep Lay me down so I can’t sleep Open my soul so my hell unfolds Where pain and pleasure unlocks my demons Clean my soul so you have the control Take me to that place we call home Take my wrist and bind them in soft leather Then ease your … Read More Sir Take Me Hard And Take Me Sweet

My Gift

You have given me promises and hopes and dreams Upon my knees with your hand on my neck I look into your eyes and my heart starts to unwind You circle my wrist and ankles in chains An each secured tightly to the beds frame Your voice your touch drive me ahead That takes me to a place that I have never been You … Read More My Gift



Please Sir…..

Make it dirty, make it slow, Keep the rhythm dark and low, Grind and rub all hot and wet, Perfume my heat with lust and sweat. Paradise is right at hand And whip and cane and rope and brand, Heaven is in your touch and taste, I can try to struggle, try to escape, Unlock the handcuffs, peel off the tape, But I can’t get … Read More Please Sir…..


Wikipedia, Kneeling is a human position in which the weight is distributed on the knees and feet on a surface close to horizontal. The position of kneeling may be assumed for practical reasons and for reasons of social or religious custom. To some people kneeling or its meaning is not very important at all. Except to me it has a very important meaning. The only word I can associate within … Read More Kneeling